Legal Practice Management Solution

With JuriSaaS, everything is organized and easily accessible from any browser or smart device.

For Lawyers

Made by lawyers, for lawyers! All you need to manage your office.

For Companies

Easy installation for your multi-office business! No maintenance fees!!

Win Time

Manage your business remotely and keep your customer informed!!

Save Money

No hidden fees, free training, free maintenance and a 24/7 team at your service.


We are a team of lawyers, judges and high-level computer engineers. We have put our efforts together and invested our time in developing a web-based solution called JuriSaaS, to change the way lawyers manage their businesses and offices for the better. We work hard and smart to ensure that our web service offers the lawyer and his team the best management experience to save time and help them focus on what's most important to their business. Defend their customers!!

Why choose JuriSaaS?

We do not play the scam game!

Unlike similar solutions on the market, we do not force our customers to pay extra fees and we do not take their data hostage. Our team knows how to treat our customers, we offer a high quality customer service throughout the process from the day you decide to create an account until the day you decide to stop using JuriSaaS. From your home or while having quality time with your family, your data is accessible online and you can manage your desktop remotely.

Listen to Hatem el euchi's story, JuriSaaS helped him increase his team's productivity and gave him more flexibility.

What do we propose?

Take a look at the best features that JuriSaaS can offer you!

A very user-friendly interface
The JuriSaaS user interface is designed to facilitate the work of lawyers and their team. Very easy to learn and very clear to use.
Free training
You do not have to pay additional fees for the training, it is provided free for all members of your team.
Secure platform
We take security very seriously, which is why we have implemented a highly secure system to keep our customers' data safe and intact..
24/7 customer service
Our team is at your service 24/24 and 7/7. Your questions are welcome and we will help you solve your problems as soon as possible.

What our customers say about JuriSaaS,
testimonials from renowned jurists!

This solution helped me manage my home business as if I were in the office. My team and I are working in full harmony now. I recommend!

Hatem Euchi Lawyer - Tunisia

With the help of JuriSaaS, I now have total control over my desktop and can share information with my clients instantly! I recommend!

Adel Znaidi Lawyer - Tunisia

Compared with the desktop software I used to use, JuriSaaS is much more flexible and adaptable. No hidden costs and excellent customer service.

Sana Ben Achour Lawyer - Tunisia
Our packages.

Our prices are unmatched, affordable and include the full package; Installation, training, maintenance and customer service

59 TND
14-day free trial
  • 3 Sub-user accounts
  • 50 Legal Files
  • Customer Database
  • Calendar management
  • Statistics
69 TND
14-day free trial
  • Sub-user accounts illimited
  • Legal Files illimited
  • Calendar management
  • Statistics
99 TND
14-day free trial
  • Sub-user accounts illimited
  • Legal Files illimited
  • Customer Database
  • Calendar management
  • Statistics
  • SMS & Email Client Notification

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